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Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for Mechanical Engg.
Mechanical Engineering is a branch of Engineering & Technology, which deals with the favourable application of the laws of nature in micro/macro level which strives to train students in the mechanical engineering science as well as application of theses scientific methods to conceive organize and carry out scientific design of such systems.
Department Mission
To improve the young Mechanical Engineers to understand the emerging trends in technology and make them the leading professionals in the ever changing environments. The all round development of personalities of our students may pursue them to take up any challenges in their life for excellence.
To inculcate values to our young dynamic Mechanical Engg. For fostering the natural resources in a balances ecosystem with a greater capability & capacity.
The Mechanical Engg. Dept. has well developed workshops and laboratories which comprises of latest advanced machineries and modern equipments.
The workshop gives students an intensive training in carpentry, welding, fitting, foundry, tin smithy. It is equipped with latest machines and necessary tools. The welding section consists of gas welding, arc welding and advanced welding set(TIG). The fitting shop consists of pillar type drilling machine, power Hack saw.
Machine shop & Production Lab
The machine shop provides practical training in the field of production technology. The shop has variety of machine tools including different types of lathes with all necessaries tools, a universal milling machine with a dividing head mechanism, Shaper machine, bench grinding machine, pillar type drilling machine. Besides, the machine shop has a hydraulic surface grinding machine. Machines like CNC lathe trainer kit is vital machine of the production lab which also includes lathe tool dynamometer apparatus and instruments to measure roughness, straightness and flatness of surfaces.
Material Testing Lab
The lab is well-equipped with variety of apparatus for conducting various experiments. The experimental setups include Universal testing machine model utn 20, pendulum type impact testing machine, Rockwell & Brinell hardness testing machine, Fatigue testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Metallurgical microscope.
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machine Lab
The Department of Mechanical Engineering has well-equipped FM & HM lab. The lab is equipped with apparatus like flow through orifice piece, Impact of Jet, measurement of Met centric height, Universal turbine test rig of Pelton, Kapaln & Francis Turbine, Experimental setup for centrifugal pump testing apparatus & Reciprocating pump testing apparatus, Bernoulli’s apparatus with all accessories, Venturimeter, measurement of pressure using different gauges and also equipped with different models of Impellers and turbines
Mechanical Engineering Lab
The experimental setup includes Double cylinder reciprocating air compressor test rig, Single cylinder diesel engine test rig with mechanical brake, cut sectional model of two stroke and four stroke petrol and diesel engine, two stroke petrol engine, moment inertia measurement by flywheel, coplanar forces apparatus, Epicyclical gear train. Cut sectional model of different types of boilers (ie Cochran boiler, Babcock Wilcox boiler etc.)
Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
The HMT lab has various equipment such as heat conduction through Composite wall apparatus, Emissivity measurement apparatus, Forced convection apparatus, Parallel flow/Counter flow heat exchanger apparatus.
Machine Dynamics & I.C Engine Lab
The major apparatus installed in the Machine dynamics lab are Static and dynamic balancing, Whirling of shaft, Governor and Gyroscopic couple.
The major engines installed in I.C engine lab are Multi-cylinder petrol engine test rig and 4-stroke petrol engine test rig.
Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Lab
The R&AC lab equipped with Vapor compression cycle refrigerators, Air-conditioning Test rig and Ice Plant apparatus which provides the students of mechanical engg. a practical knowledge of day to day life.
Mechanical Measurement Lab
This lab is equipped with apparatus like Rota meter, Pneumatic Trainer, Hydraulic Trainer which provides practical knowledge to the mechanical engg. students about Pneumatic and Hydraulic
Numerical Computation & Solid Modeling Lab
The numerical computation lab consists of MATLAB, which provides knowledge to the students to solve and practice different numerical problems using different methods and to draw graphs etc. On the other hand the solids modeling lab is equipped with latest version PC which are loaded with different types of software like AUTOCAD, PRO-E, CATIA etc, which develops the software knowledge of the mechanical engg. students
Head of Department
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